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Our organization is dedicated to connecting and empowering a community of like-minded professionals to benefit others.

“Only an international union of professionals and experts in the field of personal, business and development protection can bring the desired results to everyone who understands its’ importance and is willing to unite.”

- E. Kusayev, President of UNIPRO, INC.


Who We Are

UNIPRO is a non-governmental self-governing Union of professionals. 

The concept of “non-governmental organization” defines the independence of the Union from any state.

How To Join?


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What We Offer

Access to Top Professionals

With a membership to UNIPRO you get access to extensive information on each Professional registered with UNIPRO, as well the ability to list your own information.

International Recognition

Your expertise will be recognized on an international level. Your certifications will be trusted throughout the world and professionals around the globe will vouch for you.


You have the amazing opportunity to make connections with some of the worlds leading professionals in their industries, as well as set your self up to be connected with.

Widened Client Base

Through self promotion, other professionals will be able to see your services as an expert in your field and will have the ability to reach out to you directly.

As a non-governmental organization UNIPRO meets the following criteria:

UNIPRO is an organization with its own By-Laws and type of legal entity.

UNIPRO has been established by individuals and organizations that are independent of any state.

UNIPRO governing bodies are independent of any public authorities.

UNIPRO seeks to promptly inform their members on the legislative issues that directly affect their international activities in the field of individual and business security.

UNIPRO has been founded and registered in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia in April 2019. The Union is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Legal address: 5881 Sentinal Walk Court, Norcross, GA 30093, USA

UNIPRO it is a non-profit organization representing the public interests that go beyond the interests of the members of the organization itself. 

UNIPRO is an organization that fosters a private initiative to achieve the objectives of public interest. 

UNIPRO has been created to organize training for the members of the Union, to promote mutual trust and cooperation between its members, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the countries in accordance with the Code of Ethics, and to enhance the role of professionals and independent experts securing individuals and businesses from any misconduct or abuse. 

Our Business Members

Our Business Members